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Information overload is the killer of truly integrating information. How many times have you joined a membership program and have been completely overwhelmed by the amount of content? While our extensive library is growing every month, we ensure that you don’t get lost in the process. We fully acknowledge that everyone isn’t on the same path and that’s why we have 3! There is a customized educational plan depending on your goal.

3 Sacred Paths

Carefully curated so that you get the most out of the Academy

  • Path of the Seeker, For those that are on a personal journey. You may be just beginning your spiritual journey or you’re looking to continue it. Heal yourself, get acquainted with new spiritual principles, and put them into practice. 

  • Path of the Healer, For healers who are looking to expand their practice via new skills, energetic upgrades, and modalities so that they can serve better. If you want to feel more confident in your abilities while being supported then this path is for you

  • Path of the Merchant, For entrepreneurs who want to use spirituality to elevate their business. If you want to live a more fulfilling life while increasing your income, then this is the path for you. You will learn how your spirituality and business intersect and be able to use the knowledge you gather here and apply it to your business and life. 

Spirituality is great, but it’s just busy work if it’s not transforming your life.





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Every Month There's Something New

No matter the level you subscribe to, you will get access to fresh content.  
All replays of classes, coaching calls, and healings will be available in the portal within 2 business days. 


Want to know what we have in store for the first half of 2019? Take a look below at our guest instructors and what they'll be teaching.

2019 Guest Instructors

Get access to exclusive classes with experienced, knowledgeable & passionate instructors


Contessa Louise Cooper


Contessa will teach how to use sexual energy in various ways. She will touch on manifestation and more. Get ready for a sensual experience where all of your senses will be activated. 




Jasmine Murry


Jasmine is going to show the students how to use crystals to heal your body & soul. She's taking it further than the basics so that you can experience true transformation




Famira Green

Brand Strategist

Famira will share how to create a business & career that's visually and vocally aligned with your soul's purpose so that you can generate the income you desire and work with the right people.




Victoria Crossman

Quantum Witch

Victoria is sharing how to use plants and herbs as medicine. Her knowledge of magic & science will play an integral role in this course.




Margarita Macareno

Yoga Instructor

Margarita is showing how Divinity  can be embodied with yoga and meditation. This is an interactive class that's sure to be a favorite for those that want to integrate movement into their practice. 



Tieast Smith


Tieast will share the beauty of copper and how it can be used on your spiritual journey. She'll also be sharing stones that should be staples in your jewelry collection and doing a jewelry making tutorial. 

What's Already in the Library?

That's a great question! Here's a screenshot of some of the courses in our library. 

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Live Monthly Class

Access to living Library of Courses

Live  monthly coaching

Live  monthly healing recording

Private Facebook Group

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