What Our Students are saying

 I have been searching for spiritual practices I could connect to and integrate into my life, but felt overwhelmed and in need of guidance to make decisions that serves me well. The DSA gives me a container to explore and make discerning choices.



Patrice Dunckley

 I joined the Divine Spark Academy because I wanted an organized environment to explore who I am and what I need to grow. This space has proven to be a wonderful place to learn more about myself, and the knowledge I’ve gained has helped me shape a safe space for my daughter to do the same.

Dr. Tiffany Mckinnon Russell

Greatest Christmas present to myself ever. And a safe space for all wxmen. ♥♥ ♥ If you want to learn about non-new agey spirituality, receiving coaching and support and become part of a loving and diverse community, The Divine Spark Academy is the 💣



2019 Guest Instructors

Get access to exclusive classes with experienced, knowledgeable & passionate instructors

Contessa Louise Cooper


Contessa will teach how to use sexual energy in various ways. She will touch on manifestation and more. Get ready for a sensual experience where all of your senses will be activated. 



Jasmine Murry


Jasmine is going to show the students how to use crystals to heal your body & soul. She's taking it further than the basics so that you can experience true transformation



Famira Green

Brand Strategist

Famira will share how to create a business & career that's visually and vocally aligned with your soul's purpose so that you can generate the income you desire and work with the right people.



Marieke Schwartz

Empowerment & Voice Coach

Marieke Schwartz is teaching her class "Your Empowered Voice". She will be covering the Four Elements of Your Empowered Voice

It’ll be an overview of the elements, and practical exercises.  She will also be doing some on the spot voice coaching!

Margarita Macareno

Yoga Instructor

Margarita is showing how Divinity  can be embodied with yoga and meditation. This is an interactive class that's sure to be a favorite for those that want to integrate movement into their practice. 


Dr. Tiffany McKinnon-Russell

Dr. Tiffany an entreprenuer, wife, and home school mom  is sharing how to create morning and evening rituals so that you can cultivate a peaceful home for you and your family. 
Ready to upgrade your household's well being? Then you will need to be in this space. 

Kalvina Shelton

Business Strategist & Launch Coach

Kalvina will share with us different styles of leadership and tie it into how we navigate our spaces. She will also teach how to recognize your own energy levels. We will then know when we're leading from a place of flow and when you're leading from a place of stress.  

Jeremy Jones

Life Coach


Kiam Juno

Healer & Artist